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CodyMe is a modular platform for creating registration and login processes. Almost every business, online or offline, need to register new clients and verify their identity every time they make any interaction.

With CodyMe, each business can define the personal details it wants to collect or verify during every interaction. For example, a company which develops a mobile app should define that new users will have to provide their name, picture, phone number and email. And when they want to login they will have to do SMS verification.

In addition, each company can decide where the customers can sign in to the process and where the data should be placed after. In our example, the company who own the mobile app will insert the process on the first page of its app and will ask CodyMe to place the data in the app's database.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Not at all. CodyMe isn't a CRM software. CodyMe will help you to get your customers' details to the CRM automatically.
CodyMe will ask your clients to approve your potential use with the information. CodyMe will keep their approval.
Every one of your customers' details which you asked for is being encripted by two keys, your company's key and your customer's keys. Which means that just with your both consenting the data can be revealed.
No worries, they can download the app anytime or provide the details you asked manually on the browser.
Yes, we are giving you the option to input your colors and brand materials to the process.
Unfortatently still not. We haven't finished building CodyMe yet. However, you can pre-order now and you will get the right to be the first who use it + You'll gat a significant discount when it's ready.
We are charging you for interactions with customers that still don't own the app. You are welcome to choose the package that suits your needs. don't forget to pre-order now to get a significant discount.