We Are CodyMe

Our mission is to help businesses to convert their onboarding process into the online world. Our platform allows to digitize, create, manage and optimize the customer journey.

Our Services:

Financial firms

We are helping you to digitize your customers’ KYC, documents collection and payment methods.

Fintech Startups

We are helping you to save time and money on developing your sign-in process from scratch.

Digital agencies

We are helping you to increase your conversion rate and to save time on  emails and paperwork.

How It Works?


Create your unique onboarding by simply “drag & drop” elements like e-signature, payment, etc.


Manage your processes, edit your templates and add customers to the business automatically.


Optimize your onboarding by receiving analyzed data from your customers’ previous processes.

Our onboarding elements

Personal Details

Your customer will fill out an e-form to provide you details and documents.


Your customer will be asked to approve GDPR and general consents.


Your customer will have a chance to choose the best time to meet you.

ID verifications

Your customer’s identity will be verified by email, SMS or video meeting.


Your customer will get a few ways to pay on a credit card or bank account.


Your customer will be able to e-sign documents and contracts from everywhere.

Choose your plan


$ 15
Per Month
  • 1 Account
  • 1 Templates
  • 5 Customers


$ 25
Per Month
  • 3 Accounts
  • 3 Templates
  • 50 Customers


$ 50
Per Month
  • 5 Accounts
  • 5 Templates
  • 100 Customers


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