Design Your Welcome Experience.

We are developing a modular platform for creating effective registration and login processes.

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How & When Are We Making Any Change?

For Your Business

By giving you an easy way to create your customer's welcome and validation process we are helping you to save time & money and to be focused on your service or product - and not in QA and bureaucracy.

For Your Customer

By giving your user or customer an easy way to sign in or register to your services we are making them more satisfied, they can do it from their phone or computer, no need for download any mobile app.


Verify your new customer's POI & POR and collect their personal details and documents.


Let your guests do the booking & the check-in to your event, hotel or activity online without standing in the line.

Sign In

Give your web and mobile users to signup and login to your online product by SMS or email verification.


Sign your customer on E-signature, fill out forms instantly and get access to bill their credit card. 

How Does It Work?

That's how you can easily build by yourself any registration or login process.

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  1. 1
    Choose Your Audience

    Decide where your customers can start the process from. Are they coming from your CRM? website? mobile app? or maybe you want to add them manually.

  2. 2
    Define the process

    Select what do you want every new customer will go through and in which order. You can verify their identity, charge them for payment, collect personal details and so much more... 

  3. 3
    Select the data destination

    Think where do you want us to throw your data. It could be back into your CRM, in your website database or on a new spreadsheet. It's your call.




Pre Orders

Our Features

These are the actions you will be able to define in your welcome process


We will ask your client for their signature and locate them automatically in the contract.

Personal Information

We will ask your client to provide their personal details, contact information and social networks.


We will charge your users or customers with their credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

Licenses & Documents

We will help your customer to upload and fill out documents, licenses, forms and pictures.

ID Verifications

We will verify your client identety by email or sms verification or by asking short video of them.


We will get your customer’s consent during GDPR new rules for allowing you to use their data.

Using CodyMe's services helps us to increase our client closure rate, and to leave a better impression on our new customers.

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Avi Graiver
Animation Cowboy

Since CodyMe started to take care of our new customers' registration, we've been able to spend much more time on sales and business development.

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Roi Mendelman

I think that the registration process is very sensitive and complex and it needs to be done professionally by a company like CodyMe.

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David Toledo

Our Future Prices


$ 10


# Till 1,000 interactions.
# 1 Team members.
# 1 Templates.



$ 25


# Till 10,000 interactions.
# 3 Team members.
# 2 Templates.



$ 100


# Unlimited interactions.
# 10 Team members.
# 5 Templates.



$ 25


# Till 50 interactions.
# 3 Team members.
# 5 Templates

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$ 100


# Till 500 interactions.
# 10 Team members.
# 15 templates

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$ 250


# Till 2,500 interactions.
# 20 Team members.
# 50 templates.

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